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The technology industry is quite extensive, such that there are a wide range computer contracts, with the specifications thereof providing for further differentiation between actual business agreements. The range of computer contracts / tech agreements includes:

Software Development Agreement

Hardware & Software Acquisition Agreement

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Agreement

Value Added Reseller (VAR) Agreement

Intellectual Property Purchase Contract

Asset Transfer Agreement

Cooperative Research / Development Arrangement

Software / Intellectual Property License Agreement

Copyright License Agreement

Copyright Assignment Agreement

Outsourcing Contracts

Distribution Agreement

Marketing Contract

Escrow Agreement

System Integration Agreement

Software / Hardware Maintenance Agreement

Computer Service Agreement

Application Service Provider (ASP) Agreement

Web Site Development Agreement

Internet Access Agreement

Web Site Hosting Agreement

Privacy Law and Terms

Terms of Use

E-Commerce Contract

Financing Agreement

Government Procurement Agreement

Employment Agreement

Executive Compensation Agreement

Commissioned Sales Agent Agreement

Independent Contractor Agreement

Consulting Agreement

Confidentiality and non-solicitation / non-competition

Joint Venture Agreement

Strategic Alliance Arrangement

Shareholders Agreement

Stock Option Contract

Contact computer lawyer Christopher R. Neufeld of Neufeld Legal Professional Corporation at or 403-400-4092 for businesses situated in Calgary and Alberta or 416-887-9702 / 905-616-8864 for those businesses situated in the Toronto Business Triangle (Toronto-Hamilton-London, Ontario).


Christopher R. Neufeld, an attorney with Neufeld Legal Professional Corporation, is admitted to practice in both New York (U.S.A.) and Ontario and Alberta (Canada), and represents computer / information technology businesses in the United States and Canada, and foreign technology companies engaged in commercial operations in North America.  The law firm has offices in Calgary, Alberta; Toronto, Ontario and Burlington, Ontario.  For Toronto business law visit COPYRIGHT 2008/13.

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