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Technology Law Fields


Website / Internet Lawyer  [more]

-          website and intranet development

-          protection of domain names

-          blacklisting by search engines

-          egregious links on search engines

-          data protection and privacy laws

-          illegal and copyrighted content

-          web developers contractual disputes


E-Commerce Lawyer  [more]

-          money transfer via internet

-          securing transactions and liability

-          fraud and identity theft

-          consumer protection laws

-          tax implications

-          multi-jurisdictional obligations


Internet Advertising Lawyer  [more]

-          new dimensions to established advertising laws

-          spamming

-          hyperlinks

-          electronic marketplace

-          cross-border marketing


Software Lawyer  [more]

-          intellectual property trademarks and copyright

-          patenting of ideas and mathematical algorithms

-          conflicting foreign jurisdictions

-          licensing and distribution

-          reverse engineering


Video Game & Interactive Entertainment Lawyer  [more]

-          video game development agreements

-          video game and interactive entertainment publishing agreements

-          distribution and licensing agreements

-          ratings for video game sales (M and AO)

-          video game bans excessive violence / sexual content

-          illegal downloading / copying / piracy

-          emulations

-          insurance / completion bonding

-          online gaming / virtual world torts (host / server liability)

-          virtual property rights


Medical Software Lawyer  [more]

-          heightened liability due to medical application

-          interconnectivity with other high risk operators

-          globalization


Contact computer lawyer Christopher R. Neufeld of Neufeld Legal Professional Corporation at or 403-400-4092 for businesses situated in Calgary and Alberta or 416-887-9702 / 905-616-8864 for those businesses situated in the Toronto Business Triangle (Toronto-Hamilton-London, Ontario).

Christopher R. Neufeld, an attorney with Neufeld Legal Professional Corporation, is admitted to practice in both New York (U.S.A.) and Ontario and Alberta (Canada), and represents computer / information technology businesses in the United States and Canada, and foreign technology companies engaged in commercial operations in North America.  The law firm has offices in Calgary, Alberta; Toronto, Ontario and Burlington, Ontario. COPYRIGHT 2008/13.

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