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Asserting Legal Control of Domain Names

The Internet is the most prominent source of commercial marketing and it will continue to intensify for years to come. And one of the most effective means for achieving one's marketing goals is through the use of the domain name that corresponds to your tradename, whether it is a business name or a well recognized personal name. However, there is frequently a major challenge to acquiring specific trade names or personal names, and that is the fact that cyber-squatters have frequently registered them and are either holding them hostage and/or profiteering from the intrinsic commercial value of another's name. In such circumstances, retaining the legal services of a domain lawyer, such as ourselves, is important to acquiring control of the domain name that you are rightfully entitled to have registered.

It is you, and not some cyber-squatter, that made your name commercially attractive. Your hard work is yours alone to profit from, not some individual with a computer who simply sought to make some easy money off of your years of dedication and hard work. The law recognizes this fact, though it may be difficult to discern, especially when the legal process that must be followed is not commonly known and therefore not sufficiently pursued. That is why far too many celebrities (television and movie), musicians, models, sports athletes (hockey, football, baseball, basketball, etc.), politicians and businesses do not possess their own domain names. And in not owning their domain name, they are losing out on a valuable avenue for commercial revenue. And even worse, they are allowing other to profit at their expense [learn more at]

At Neufeld Legal P.C., we are committed to securing the legal recovery of domain names for those who are entitled to them, be it a celebrity, sports athlete or business. When you are legal entitled to this source of commercial revenue, it should be in your hands, not others. Contact computer lawyer Christopher R. Neufeld of Neufeld Legal P.C. at or 403-400-4092 (Calgary/Alberta); 416-887-9702 (Toronto/SW Ontario).

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Christopher R. Neufeld, an attorney with Neufeld Legal Professional Corporation, is admitted to practice in both New York (U.S.A.) and Ontario and Alberta (Canada), and represents computer / information technology businesses in the United States and Canada, and foreign technology companies engaged in commercial operations in North America.  The law firm has offices in Calgary, Alberta; Toronto, Ontario and Burlington, Ontario. For more on domain name law visit COPYRIGHT 2008/13.

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