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The negotiation of computer contracts requires the interplay of standard business contract negotiations together with technology-specific concepts and operationality. For it is those very tech concepts that define the contractual relationship that is sought to be realized by a technology or Internet-based  company.

Meanwhile, a failure to identify and properly negotiate for the correct tech functionality will seriously impair the ability to realize one's objective goal. As such, it is essential that your negotiating team includes legal counsel that is capable of bridging the gap between business and technology, and is capable of pursuing those technological aspects that are critical to the advancement of its commercial pursuit (even when it isn't realized by the innovators of the specific technology). This is the scenario where the experience and knowledge of a skilled computer lawyer can have an enormous impact on the negotiations of your technology / computer-related contract.

As such, when looking for solid legal advice and negotiation assistance with respect to technology-driven computer contracts, and their highly specific and complex nature, contact computer lawyer Christopher Neufeld of Neufeld Legal P.C. at or 403-400-4092 for businesses situated in Calgary and Alberta or 416-887-9702 / 905-616-8864 for those businesses situated in the Toronto Business Triangle (Toronto-Hamilton-London, Ontario).


Christopher R. Neufeld, an attorney with Neufeld Legal Professional Corporation, is admitted to practice in both New York (U.S.A.) and Ontario and Alberta (Canada), and represents computer / information technology businesses in the United States and Canada, and foreign technology companies engaged in commercial operations in North America.  The law firm has offices in Calgary, Alberta; Toronto, Ontario and Burlington, Ontario.  For Toronto business law visit COPYRIGHT 2008/13.

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